Aired from 2016 (1 episodes)

Description: Recent college graduate Rose and Simone think they’re taking law school by storm. But one problem, they blew their tuition money in Cabo, Mexico! Now they must come up with the money for spring semester or risk having to move back in with mom and dad. The answer comes to them when the internationally esteemed Bottles Film Festival comes to town. Offering with it a 250,000 dollar reward for the winner of best film. Follow these two screw ups as they try to make a ground making, thought provoking film and win best prize.

Producers: Rose Jackson and Simone McCluney ( ,

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Two college students take an innocent trip to Cabo, Mexico...and blow all their tuition money! Now they must find a way to pay for school or risk moving back home with mom and dad.<br />
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Produced by Rose Jackson and Simone McCluney<br />
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Original trailer air date: Nov. 3, 2016

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