Campus Profile

Aired from 1984 to 1991 (121 episodes)

STV's first and longest running news magazine program, created by David Creech '84.

Hosts: Leigh Powell and Eric Wagnn.  Co-producers: Ally Angilly and Jayna Neagle  Segments: Intro, Caffine – Pam Knittel, Loreleis – Jayna Neagle, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Jeff Hill and Robert Gray.<br />
<br />
airdate 4/22/91<br />
tape 208<br />

Campus Profile Episode 123

Hosts: Scott Jagow and Allyson Angilly   Segments: Budget Cut Rally – Jayna Neagle, Gillian Cell Resignation – Hilary O'Quinn, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Health Fair – Pam Knittle<br />
<br />
airdate 4/15/91<br />
tape 209<br />

Campus Profile Episode 122

Hosts: Leigh Powell and Scott Jagow  Sgements: Budget Cuts – Jayna Neagle, UNC Clefhangers – Scott and Leigh, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Spring Music piece<br />
<br />
airdate 4/8/91<br />
tape 203<br />

Campus Profile Episode 121

Hosts: Leigh Powell and Eric Wagnon  Segments: Budget Cuts – Speight Williams, Fashion Show – Hilary O'Quinn, Recycling Week – Meredith Page, UNC Final Four – Eric Wagnon, Carmichael Basketball Gathering – Eric Wagnon, Women's Tennis – Jeff Hill, Softball – Robert Gray, Interview with Eric's Mom – Eric Wagnon, Spring Music Montage – Eric Wagnon. <br />
<br />
airdate 4/1/91<br />
tape 202<br />

Campus Profile Episode 120

Hosts: Leigh Powell and Scott Jagow  Producer: Allyson Angilly Segments: Final Four Franklin Street Celebration – Leigh and Scott,  Walk for Humanity – Hilary O'Quinn, Senior Class Gift – Jeff Hill, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Bloopers on Franklin Street – Leigh and Scott<br />
<br />
airdate 3/8/91<br />
tape 201<br />

Campus Profile Episode 119

Segments: Resumes – Pam Knittle, Recession and Spring Break – Hillary O'Quinn, Interview with the Gym Manager – Scott Jagow and Leigh Powell, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Franklin 5k Race – Allison Angilly    Producers: Allyson Angilly and Jayna Neagle   Hosts: Leigh Powell and Scott Jagow<br />
<br />
airdate 3/4/91<br />
tape 199<br />

Campus Profile Episode 118

Producers: Allyson Angilly and Jayna Neagle,  Hosts: Speight Williams and Allyson Angilly   Segments: Alum Missing in Action – Speight Williams, Interview with Student Comm for Peace – Speight and Allyson, Hector's Fire Followup – Speight Williams, Daily Tarheel Controversy – Jeff Hill, Sports – Jeff Hill, High Kicking Heels – Allyson Angilly, Patriotism – Speight Williams, Habitat Promo – Shawn Van Shreiber.  Show during the Gulf War – it contains a story about a UNC alum MIA and a peace group on campus. Also more about the Hector's fire.<br />
<br />
airdate 2/25/91<br />
tape 233<br />

Campus Profile Episode 117

Segments: Fire – Eric Wagnon, Rite-Aid Controversy – Leigh Powell, Race Relations v/o,  SBP Returns – Heather Abbott, Bill Hildebolt's term in office – Lisa Reiners, Ackland Art Possible Closing – Hillary O'Quinn, Sports – Eric Wagnon, Camp Day v/o, Spring Break   Hosts: Leigh Powell and Speight Williams.  Adam Searing @ 16:23<br />
<br />
airdate 2/18/91<br />
tape 198<br />

Campus Profile Episode 116

Host: Speight Williams and Heather Abbot  Segments: War: Draft – Speight Williams, Interview: Peace Village: Speight and Heather, Sports: Eric Wagnon (UNC/UVA Basketball), Man-in-the-pit: Valentine's<br />
<br />
airdate 2/11/91<br />
tape 219<br />

Campus Profile Episode 115