Fall Preview Post: What's new with STV 2013?

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It’s about that time! Now that our shows are starting to settle down, delegate tasks, and finish up their first episodes and push them out there, let’s see what they have in store, shall we?

Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff is first out of the gates this year having released their first episode with brand new material. Check out Episode 182, featuring a brand new sketch from this year, and 181, which have sketches from previous years (still hilarious).


Our newest show Undergrads is all set to make a big impression on STV this year. This semester, they’re planning on filming about 2 or 3 episodes per semester to round out to 6 for the entire year. Since it’s a brand new show, each episode will be jam-packed with new material. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Late Night STV

Late Night STV is by far one of our most content-producing shows. This semester alone, there are at least 5 episodes planned, two of which have already been filmed as to the posting of this article. They’ve got the formula for more fun this year – more episodes, more guests, more games, more fun! The idea behind Late Night is to be a platform for students to talk about what they are doing and why.

You Make the Call

This year, You Make the Call is planning on continuing making episodes that are enhanced with behind the scenes footage and unique highlight reels. Their goal is to get as close as possible to all Tar Heel action. They’ve got five episodes planned so far.

The cast and crew of You Make the Call are super excited about a new development this year – press passes! That’s right, they’ve got press passes into both football and basketball games to bring you right up close and personal to the action. Here are some shots they’ve got of the upcoming episode featuring Late Night with Roy.

You Make the Call! is at Late Night with Roy

Some sample segments include “30 or less,” which is where cast members have 30 seconds to vent straight into the camera about a specific topic.

General College

This season is extra dramatic over at General College. The upcoming episodes center on a massive leak of classified university emails that involve this season's characters and embroil them all in a complex web of mistrust and treachery. Ooh, scandalous!

Four episodes will be happening this year, each one more dramatic than the previous. But of course, General College is all about covering issues that college students can relate to. This season will cover issues of the university's role in personal privacy and the effects of opening skeletons in the closet on a massive school-wide level, as seen from their cast of characters.


As you can see, there’s a lot going on at STV this year and it’s beyond ridiculous how excited we are to show you what we’re made of.




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