Spring Schedule!

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Here is the tentative schedule for next semester!


January 10th: Back to School

January 15th: No classes

January 15th: Exec Meeting

January 16th: General Body Meeting

January 18th: Open House

January 20th: Welcome Back Party

January 23rd: Audio & Light Workshop

January 25th: Green Screen Photoshoot

January 26th: Budget Sheets Due

January 30th: Writing Workshop 

February 5th: Exec Meeting

February 6th: General Body Meeting

February 8th: Director of Photography Workshop

February 9th: Movie Night

February 15th: Editing Workshop

February 18th: Trailers Due

February 18th: Episode 1 due

February 20th: Re-edits for Episode 1 Due

February 23rd: Hollie’s B-Day Partay

February 25th: Havoc Heart Video Contest Due

February 27th: Campus Movie Fest - Launch 

March 2nd: Movie Night

March 5th: Exec Meeting

March 5th: Campus Movie Fest - Collection

March 6th: General Body Meeting

March 7th: Campus Movie Fest - Premiere

March 9th - March 19th: Spring Break (Open up applications for jobs/station manager) 

March 23rd: Episode 2 Due

March 26th: Re-edits for Episode 2 Due

March 30th: No classes

April 6th: Art’s Everywhere


April 9th: Exec Meeting (Change-over meeting- Approve Station Manager) 

April 10th: General Body Meeting

April 13th: Movie Night

April 21st: Goodbye School, Hello Summer/ J’s B-Day Partay 

April 27th: Episode 3 Due

April 27th: Classes End

May 8th: Re-edits for Episode 3 Due

May 8th: Last Exam Day


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