Take a look at the wonderfully talented people that help run Student Television!

           In addition to the people listed below, we have countless members doing amazing things with us and have more joining every year.

Executive Board:

Station Manager: Nicholas Bafia

Nicholas Bafia, STV Station Manager 2018-19

Howdy! I was raised in the Midwest, but after moving to Raleigh a few years ago, I quickly adopted "howdy" as my greeting, so if you see me walking around, hit me with a "howdy" and I'll hit you with finger guns. I am a Senior Communications Major, with a concentration in Media Studies/Production and Global Cinema Studies Minor. I'm a big fan of film and tv, planning on entering the industry after graduation. One of my strengths (and sometimes weaknesses) is my competitiveness, which fuels my love of games (board, card, video, etc). So hmu if you want to play something, watch something, or eat something.

As Station Manager, I make sure that STV runs smoothly in the present, that our past is preserved, and that our future remains bright. I fully believe in STV as a space to promote creativity and learning, for all people interested, no matter what your experience level is. You'll see me at most of our events this year, so stop by and say hey, feel free to ask me ANYTHING, doesn't even have to be STV-related, I am happy to help!

Assistant Station Manager / Communications Director: Summer Lawrence

Summer Lawrence, STV Assistant Station Manager 2018-19

I am a rising Junior double majoring in Communications and Dramatic Art! I absolutely love acting, reading, dancing, and film - really anything artsy! As Assistant Station Manager I will be helping review all the awesome episodes, help organize and attend meetings and events, and make sure filming and other production aspects get done efficiently. I can’t wait to help start planning new things for STV!

Business Manager/Treasurer: Anna Concepcion

Anna Concepcion, STV Business Manager 2018-19

Hi, I am Anna Concepcion from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m a Sophomore Business Major and Spanish for the Professions Minor. I am very excited to be the new Business Manager and Treasurer for STV this year. I have a passion for finance and accounting and I am excited to bring my skills to STV! 

Advising Business Manager: Bronson Boucher

I am a junior from Cary, North Carolina, studying economics & pre-business while minoring in business journalism. For the past year, I have served as Student Television's Treasurer & Business Manager, providing the executive board with quarterly financial reports while coordinating each financial transaction made by our organization through the Student Activities Fund Office. I also draft our yearly budget and ensure that it is adhered to throughout our fiscal year.
Outside of STV, I am an avid swimmer, hiker, and canoe enthusiast.

Marketing Director: Jules Perkins

Jules Perkins, STV Marketing Director 2018-19

Hi! I'm a Sophomore from good ol' Chapel Hill majoring in Computer Science & Communications.  I've been working with STV since I got to UNC (last year I produced the show On the Hill) and I love everything about it! This year, I'm excited to spread the word to folks on and off campus about us as Marketing Director!  In my free timeI like to hike & bake pies, so hmu for some wholesome fun! 

Social Media Manager: Olivia DiRienzo

Station Engineer: Ricky Lancaster

I am a sophomore pre-business major from Charlotte, North Carolina, and the STV Station Engineer. I started teaching myself filmmaking and editing in middle school, and have been doing freelance videography for a year. I also enjoy playing the piano, drums and try to teach myself music production and audio design. I would like to work in advertising in the future, and I am planning on minoring in communications. 


Producers (Spring 2019):



Hayley Sigmon (

 Assistant Producer(s):

Jack Brownlee (

Cool Dads


Julia Stamey (

Assistant Producer(s):

Paige Henderson (

Explore Carolina

Ella Doran (

Assistant Producer(s):
Will Lowder (

I am a sophomore studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I am a middle child, so all of my bright but possibly underwhelming character traits stem back to that.

For Skits and Giggles

Zach Eanes (

Zach Eanes, a tall man from Waxhaw, loves to make people laugh. In the pursuit of this passion, he with his best bud LJ Enloe created the show For Skits and Giggles. He hopes to entertain everyone who watches. Thanks for all the support, and we can not wait to surprise you in the future.

LJ Enloe (

Assistant Producer(s):

Bea Manaligod (

General College

Hayley Sigmon (

I'm a senior Communications and Film Studies double major minoring in Creative Writing. I've been involved with STV since my freshman year and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had at UNC! I'm the head writer for General College as well as executive producer, and I hope to one day write for a television show or even, later on, become a showrunner. Fun facts: I play the drums in an all-femme rock band, I'm currently writing a novel, and I've seen the masterpiece that is Breaking Bad eleven times.

Francis Lai (

Assistant Producer(s):

Sierra Smith (

Late Night


Sammy Wadsworth (

I am a senior with a double major in Studio Art and Communications with a focus in Media Production and a minor in writing for the Screen and Stage. I am from Wilmington and a proud owner of a morbidly obese pug. I have been a part of Late Night for the past three years as a writer and director, and I am thrilled to be Producer for Late Night this 2018/2019 school year. Late Night is a satire of late night talk shows, poking fun at guests and engaging in absurdist humor.

Assistant Producer(s):

Kameron Southerland (

Claire Goray

Movies with Michael

Michael Sparks (

Michael is currently a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Media Production. His show Movies With Michael focuses on the elements that go into creating powerful, emotionally driven films.

Assistant Producer(s):

Michele Metzger (

On the Hill 

Jared Warner (

Jared Warner is a junior from Athens, GA, which he decided to leave for NC after deciding Georgia politics weren't quite controversial enough for him. He's a Political Science and Communication Studies major, has lots of ambition, and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Well, some idea. He's definitely not going to be a professional athlete or an astrophysicist. When he's not writing jokes for his show "On The Hill" or watching TV, he does mock trial with the Carolina Mock Trial because he correctly believes that mock trial is awesome and everyone should try it out. He has two cats, Bessie and Agnes, and, in high school, he once performed a comedy routine that involved giving a "censored" reading of "50 Shades of Grey" to a group of students, parents, and teachers. He also wants to end this bio with a joke he thought of while writing this: What did the rabbi say to the baker on the first day of Rosh Hashanah?..... Happy Challah-day!! Get it? Mr. Warner thinks that joke is objectively hilarious. On the Hill is a desk-based satirical comedy news show, which is basically an extended version of SNL's "Weekend Update" segment. It stars a rotating cast of anchors, guest star segments, and more!

Assistant Producer(s):

Zuri Best (

The 492

Ava Pukatch (

Ava Pukatch is a first-year majoring in Economics and Political Science. She is currently producing the show The 492. She is involved with The Pauper Players, LAB! and is a producing director of the Kenan Theatre Company. She loves making friends and can usually be found within the halls of the CDA, Late Night at Rams, or the Union. 

Assistant Producer(s):

Zoe Lord (

Transitioning with the Transfers


Trevor Stevenson (

Assistant Producer(s):

Lexi Peterson (


Sydney Peregoy (

Hi! I’m a Junior Communications major with a minor in Writing for the Screen and Stage. I produce Undergrads, a sketch comedy show about undergrad life at UNC! I enjoy making people laugh and petting cats. 

Assistant Producer(s):

Elizabeth Lantzas (