This page is for you to take a look at our wonderful leaders of STV and get a sense of who we are as a community!

           We have tons more brilliant minds than just these that are listed, and we look forward to adding more and more members each year. 

Executive Board:

Station Manager: Mariana Abou-Rizk

       Hi! I'm a senior Communication and French double-major who loves traveling, storytelling, and going on adventures! This past summer I was a sales and acquisitions intern at an indie film sales company called Blue Fox Entertainment, where I learned about the business behind filmmaking. My job as Station Manager is to direct and oversee all STV operations, but most importantly, I am in charge of making sure that our members have what they need to successfully produce a TV show. In my free time I like to go running and watch STV reruns.

Assistant Station Manager / Communications Director: Hollie Rutledge
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         I am a third year Communication Major Concentrating in Media Studies and Production and minoring in Global Cinema. I have an obsession with video editing, was raised in Asheville, NC, and I basically live in Swain Hall; you'll know I'm there if you hear a very loud laugh. As STV's Communications Director / Assistant Station Manager I coordinate and execute events, decisions, and shows in conjunction with the Station Manager. Basically, I make sure everything runs smoothly, scold members if something goes awry, and reply to emails. Feel free to contact me with any questions about STV. 

Business Manager: Bronson Boucher

Bronson Boucher

I am a sophomore at UNC from Cary, North Carolina with an interest in business, and I hope to receive admission to Kenan-Flagler Business School in the fall of 2016. I serve as Student Television's treasurer, presenting quarterly reports of STV finances as well as helping to coordinate budget requests for the next academic year. During the summer, I coach my neighborhood swim team and visit the beach as often as I can.

Marketing Director: Lana Jordan

Doing stuff and hanging out at the STV office since 2013. I'm a double major in media production and studio art, and I produced Late Night STV from 2014-2015. As Marketing Director, I organize and oversee the marketing of STV content.

Social Media Manager: Alison Wynn

I made Jimmy Fallon laugh once. Lover of comedy and sleep.

Station Engineer: Thomas Blakey
Thomas Blakey
I was born in Dallas, and live in Asheville. Love film, long walks on the beach, I listen to nothing but Janet Jackson and I collect chihuahua figurines. I’m a comm major, minoring in computer science, and my focuses are in editing and directing. I have been a part of STV for two semesters and I'm also in the Carolina Film Association and Heelprint Communications. My favorite movie is Limitless.


 Faculty Advisor: Eric Ferkenhoff 

Eric Ferkenhoff spent 11 years at Medill at Northwestern University, where he was an assistant professor. He has been a journalist for 25 years, getting his start in Kansas City, then moving to Chicago in 1993 and working for publications including the Chicago Tribune, a television station, The Boston Globe, Time and The New York Times. Ferkenhoff has won numerous journalistic and academic awards, and concentrates mostly on criminal justice investigations, education and the politics that dominate both.



Late Night STV: Justin O'brien

Justin O'Brien 

I am a Junior Communications Major with a focus in Media Production. I absolutely love movies and hope to work within the film industry some day soon. My primary career interest is producing, but I am also very much interested in acting and directing. Besides movies, my other interests include sports, and music. As the producer of Late Night with STV my expectations are to always make sure episodes are on time, and that every detail is organized prior to filming so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. I also always make sure that everyone is involved with their creative ideas and are given the opportunity to help the episode at any level of production. Most importantly, I strive to have fun and create an enjoyable atmosphere not just for myself, but for everyone who helps with Late Night's production.

General College and Chatter Boyz: Joseph Riley

Undergrads: Micah Stubbs
Micah Stubbs

 Hello! I am a junior from Charlotte (pronounced Char-LIT!) majoring in Public Relations and Communication with a minor in Business. This past summer I interned in LA at Red Wagon Entertainment and Mi's Westside Comedy Theater. In my free time I did stand-up and mildly stalked Russell Crowe. On Campus, I am a part of Carolina Film Association, Coulture Magazine and Chapel Hilarity. I enjoy short walks on the beach and my subscription to HBO GO.


Undergrads: Perry Carter 


Perry Carter is a junior majoring in English and Media Production. She produces Undergrads and produces and co-anchors On the Hill. She encourages you to watch both, seeing as they are phresh as hell! Perry is on a nickname basis with Artisan Pizza Kitchen (she calls it "Artie," and it calls her "woman who comes too much and stays too long"). Win Perry's heart: find her a dank podcast about sharks. 

Undergrads: Anna Hughes
I'm Anna, co-anchor of On The Hill. I love my family, friends, and screaming. Also, I'm a Taurus. Go Heels!

Dreamscapes: Mashallah Salaam

My name is Mashallah Salaam and I produce, write, and direct. I attend UNC and my dream is to create meaningful and thought provoking television shows and movies.

Student Government: Taylor Bates
Taylor Bates

Hello there! My name is Taylor Bates. I am a senior Public Policy and Economics major. I am the producer for STV's Student Government as well as part of Chatterboyz. Hit me up if you want to get involved!

Traverse Town: Chloe Arrojado
Chloe Arrojado

I'm a first year student majoring in Journalism at UNC. I'm from Charlotte, NC but I love to travel and spent the past summer in Jordan. In my free time I'm usually crocheting or on the internet. 

Throwback Chat: Skyler Tapley