This page is for you to take a look at our wonderful leaders of STV and get a sense of who we are as a community!

           We have tons more brilliant minds than just these that are listed, and we look forward to adding more and more members each year. 

Executive Board:

Station Manager: Hollie Rutledge

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I am a 4th year Communication Major Concentrating in Media Studies and Production and minoring in Global Cinema and Drama. I have an obsession with video editing, was raised in Asheville, NC, and I basically live in Swain Hall; you'll know I'm there if you hear a very loud laugh. As STV's Station Manager I coordinate and execute events, decisions, and shows while running the club as a whole. Basically, I make sure everything runs smoothly, scold members if something goes awry, and reply to emails. Feel free to contact me with any questions about STV. 

Assistant Station Manager / Communications Director: Justin O'Brien

I am a Senior Communications Major with a focus in Media Production. I absolutely love movies and hope to work within the film industry some day soon. My primary career interest is producing, but I am also very much interested in acting and directing. Besides movies, my other interests include sports, and music. As assistant station manager, my expectations are to always make sure episodes are on time, and that every detail is organized prior to filming so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. I also always make sure that everyone is involved with their creative ideas and are given the opportunity to help the episode at any level of production. Most importantly, I strive to have fun and create an enjoyable atmosphere not just for myself, but for everyone. 

Business Manager: Bronson Boucher

I am a junior from Cary, North Carolina, studying economics & pre-business while minoring in business journalism. For the past year, I have served as Student Television's Treasurer & Business Manager, providing the executive board with quarterly financial reports while coordinating each financial transaction made by our organization through the Student Activities Fund Office. I also draft our yearly budget, and ensure that it is adhered to throughout our fiscal year.
Outside of STV, I am an avid swimmer, hiker and canoe enthusiast.

Marketing Director: Micah Stubbs

Hello! I am a senior from Charlotte (pronounced Char-LIT!) majoring in Public Relations and Communication (Media Production) with a minor in Business. This past summer, I interned in NY at Animal Planet—that 's right, that network you used to watch—and binged all seven seasons of 30 Rock! On campus, I am a part of Carolina Film Association, Coulture Magazine and MJSA. In addition to doing marketing for STV, I will also be helping out with Undergrads and producing my own short.

Social Media Manager: Nicholas Bafia

I'm a Junior Communications Major with a concentration in Media Production. Born in the Midwest, moved to Raleigh, NC during high school and now greet people with "Howdy", for absolutely no reason. My interests include movies, TV, photography, eating, board games, and traveling. I'm relatively new to the "media production" scene, but I've jumped in headfirst, helping with most of our shows and (soon-to-be) producing films for Carolina Film Association. As Social Media Manager for STV, I run all of our accounts and make sure that y'all stay updated on what we're doing and how we're doing it. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to see it all! Also, follow and stalk me on social media to learn more about who I am and what I do!

FB: Nicholas Bafia
Insta: @nickbafia
Twitter: @nick_bafia
Snap: supernab
LinkedIn: Nicholas Bafia


Station Engineer: Ricky Lancaster

I am a first year pre-business major from Charlotte, North Carolina, and the STV Station Engineer. I started teaching myself filmmaking and editing in middle school, and have been doing freelance videography for a year. I also enjoy playing the piano, drums and try to teach myself music production and audio design. I would like to work in advertising in the future, and I am planning on minoring in communications. 


Website Engineer: Juhi Patel

I am a senior studying computer science and statistics and am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I got interested in web design and software development the summer after my freshman year when I took an intro computer science course, it's amazing learning all you can accomplish through coding! I like to travel a lot with my family and enjoy working out at the gym. 

 Faculty Advisor: Eric Ferkenhoff 

Eric Ferkenhoff spent 11 years at Medill at Northwestern University, where he was an assistant professor. He has been a journalist for 25 years, getting his start in Kansas City, then moving to Chicago in 1993 and working for publications including the Chicago Tribune, a television station, The Boston Globe, Time and The New York Times. Ferkenhoff has won numerous journalistic and academic awards, and concentrates mostly on criminal justice investigations, education and the politics that dominate both.



Late Night STV: Sammy Wadsworth

I am a junior with a double major in Studio Art and Communications with a focus in Media Production and a minor in writing for the Screen and Stage. I am from Wilmington and a proud owner of a morbidly obese pug. I have been a part of Late Night for the past two years as a writer and director, and I am thrilled to be Producer for Late Night this 2017/2018 school year.  


I do not believe in the Loch Ness Monster, and I have recently learned that an ice cream flavor has been named after Joe Biden.


General College: Molly Kusilka, Hayley Sigmon and Francis Lai

Molly Kusilka
I'm a junior communicationsmajor with a focus on media production and a minor in global cinema. I love producing and directing and hope to make it working in the industry one day at a production company. I will be coproducing General College this year, and I'm so excited to keep this show going and make some amazing episodes this year. 

Hayley Sigmon
I'm a junior communications major with an emphasis in media production and minors in global cinema and creative writing. I hope to one day work in the industry as a screenwriter and director and hopefully write for television. I'm also in the Carolina Film Association and hope to continue developing my skills in media production throughout my next two years at UNC. 

Francis Lai
Hey. My name is Francis Lai and I am a junior communications major and (hopeful) business major. My preferred career would be directing motion pictures, but I have also shown interest in second unit directing and film critiquing (follow me @bigcatthetall on IMDb and letterboxd, I try to be humorous-ish). I am the unofficial tallest member of both the Carolina Film Association and Student Television. I also specialize in citing random film trivia, having an extensive knowledge of the NBA, rebounding missed jumpshots, telling mediocre jokes, and hitting my head on low-hanging doors. I hope to help work on General College...obviously, but I also hope to bring my sense of awkward humor and general love for all things screened to STV.

Explore Carolina: Ella Doran + Will Lowder +

I am a sophomore at UNC from Asheville studying Communications and Spanish. I love watching movies, playing soccer, and taking pictures of my dogs.  

(See Will Lowder below) 

On the Hill: Jules Perkins

Hi! I'm a freshman here at UNC and an excited newbie at STV! I'm interested in studying computer science and communications.  I've produced local youth theater in the past and I'm thrilled for the opportunity to translate my love of that to the TV side of things! In my free time I like to hike and bake pies, so hmu for some wholesome fun! 

Undergrads: Alison Oehling

My name is Alison Oehling. I am a senior majoring in Media Production and minoring in Writing for the Screen & Stage and History. I will be taking the reins from Perry this year and producing “Undergrads.” I am excited for this upcoming year as writing is my one true passion and I have been told by some very close sources that my comedy chops are “descent enough.”

DREAMSCAPES: Mashallah Salaam

My name is Mashallah Salaam and I produce, write, and direct. I attend UNC and my dream is to create meaningful and thought provoking television shows and movies.


Club Central: Will Lowder

What’s up, everybody? My name is Will Lowder and I'm the man in the middle of this beautiful photograph. I’m a freshman from Albemarle, North Carolina majoring in Journalism and minoring in Creative Writing. I am not sure how to introduce myself without doing icebreakers so here’s two truths and one lie… 1) I’m really into oil painting  2) A lot of people tell me I look like Howie Mandel 3) I am taking over Club Central for the beloved Thomas Blakey. 

Ghost TBD: Blake Benson

Blake Benson is a current junior Communications major, former junior firefighter, and aspiring Junior Mint spokesman (hit me up, Tootsie Roll Industries). He writes, does comedy, and puts everything does in sets of three. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Glad you're here.

The Sharing Show: Sierra Dunne

Sierra is a junior from Waxhaw, NC majoring in Media Production and Southern Studies with a minor in Social and Economic Justice.  She spends most of her time watching television, and she especially loves watching her favorite show, the hit NBC sitcom Frasier (1993-2004). Her other hobbies include gardening, cooking, driving around aimlessly, and hanging out with her cat Vinny. When she's not doing any of these things, you can probably find her in the Campus Y or at home talking to her friends about Frasier, which won 37 Emmys during its eleven season run. Sierra's biggest inspirations (in both art and life) are Jim Henson, David Lynch, Weird Al, and Mitski.

For Skits and Giggles: Zach Eanes + LJ Enloe

Coming from the small town of Waxhaw, NC, Zachary Eanes plans to create the greatest show ever created in the history of mankind. With his newly acquired lifelong pal, LJ Enloe, they will work together to spark a revolution of happiness. He is currently a Dramatic Art major, and plans to add Communication Studies with a focus in Media Production. He enjoys long walks on the beach, as well as listening to hit songs by the newest and oldest artists. Help us make happy.

LJ Enloe is a first year from Silver Spring, Maryland who has been involved with multiple STV shows already. He and Zach Eanes already have a great deal of ideas and enthusiasm for their show. He looks forward to their vision reaching fruition and is eager to dedicate his already-scarce time to it.  

Wheeling and Dealing: JJ Tyson + Drew Vollmer

JJ Tyson is a Ad student and aspiring game-show host. When not working for STV, he's playing piano in bars, writing stand-up comedy, or contemplating existential complexities. 

Drew Vollmer is a senior student, majoring in Media Production and Peace, War, and Defense. Along with JJ Tyson, he is a writer and producer for the sitcom "Wheeling and Dealing". Outside of STV, he writes and performs with False Profits, a stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy troupe. Next time time you see him on the street, give him a lil' chest bump- seriously, he needs it to live."