Above the Fold Episode 1: "Pilot"

Aired on Apr 08, 2011.

Above the Fold is an independent TV drama about the staff of a college newspaper, created and produced in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

In the pilot episode, editor-in-chief Jack Craven spars with student publisher Elisabeth after he fires most of the staff; twin brothers Sam and Ben investigate corruption on campus; and new writer Mary Louise gets a crash course in journalism when she brings in a controversial story about underage drinking.

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Executive Producer/Directed by: Christopher Sopher
Co-Executive Producer/Director of Photography: Jon Kasbe
Written by: Christopher Sopher
Story by: Christopher Sopher & Nick Andersen

Doug Harris
Olivia Myrick
Amelia Sciandra
Scott Vicari
Miles Cozart
Ramey Mize
Melanie Rio

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"Winding River"
by Mipso Trio

"Noelle, Noelle"
by Jamie Barnes
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