Carolina Conversations Season 2: Episode 2

Aired on Sep 29, 2010.

'Carolina Conversations'
Hosted by Irene Neequaye, Michael Parker & Alexis Davis
Produced by Candus Slade
Student Television (STV) - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Episode 2:

- The band No Tradebacks performs their own song "She" and "Alive With The Glory Of Love" by Say Anything. The band is then interviewed about their creation and future plans by Alexis

- The hosts advise freshmen students about college grades vs. high school grades and about not stressing over low performance during the first semester

- Micheal goes on location for the Black Student Movement's annual Culture on the Lawn event and tapes performances by Opeyo! Modern, Gospel Choir, Bhangra Elite, UNC Walk-Ons, Harmonyx, Misconceptions, Opeyo! Hip Hop and Born 2 Step

Created by Shwanda Jones - UNC '10
All crew listed at end credits