Carolina Conversations Season 2: Episode 4

Aired on Oct 27, 2010.

'Carolina Conversations'
Hosted by Irene Neequaye, Michael Parker & Alexis Davis
Produced by Candus Slade
Student Television (STV) - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Episode 4:

- The hosts discuss the untimely death of a gay student at Rutgers University due to bullying by his roommate. We discuss how gay/straight relations are at Carolina and how to be more accepting of others and their sexual orientations.

- Irene goes on location in the Pit to talk to students about what they are most excited about for Homecoming 2010! We then talk about we are most excited about.

- Alexis interviewed Camile Jones, the current president of the Black Student Movement (BSM). We discussed the 40th anniversary of the AFAM Department at UNC Chapel Hill. We also have clips from the event, particularly of Abdullah Salim, a past BSM President and a major contributor to this course of study at Carolina.

Created by Shwanda Jones - UNC '10
All crew listed at end credits