Carolina Conversations Season 2: Episode 7

Aired on Nov 17, 2010.

'Carolina Conversations'
Hosted by Irene Neequaye, Michael Parker & Alexis Davis
Produced by Candus Slade & John Daniels
Student Television (STV) - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Episode 7:

- The hosts discuss the right and wrong ways to network in a college setting from résumés, interviews and personal encounters.

- Alexis interviewed the 2010 Homecoming King & Homecoming Queen, Chase Jones and Monica Doyle. The pair discussed the pros and cons of running for the position and what students can do to help with their personal service projects.

- Michael interviews MiscONcEption Hip Hop Dance Company's executive board members about their dancing experience and an upcoming show with cONcEpt of Colors modeling troupe. 

Created by Shwanda Jones - UNC '10
All crew listed at end credits