Carolina Conversations Season 3: Episode 1

Aired on Oct 10, 2011.


'Carolina Conversations'
Hosted by Irene Neequaye, Michael Parker & Alexis Davis
Produced by John Daniels
Student Television (STV) - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Episode 1 - Season 3 Premiere:

Carolina Conversations is back! We're in the Pit with our new co-host Marcus Howard, who tells us background information about himself.

Marcus interviews Camile Jones, the 2011 Ms. Black Student Movement (BSM). Camile tells us a little about herself, how she became Ms. BSM and her ongoing campaign for Ms. UNC / Homecoming Queen.

Irene interviews Eric Campbell, the 2011 Mr. Black Student Movement (BSM). Eric tells us about himself, how he became Mr. BSM and his ongoing campaign for Mr. UNC / Homecoming King.

We then sit down with two of our new cast members, Lauren Mayfield and Mballa 'Mimi' Mendouga, who talk about the huge salary of our chancellor! Mimi then goes into the Pit and talks to students about the difference between the two salaries.

Created by Shwanda Jones - UNC '10
All crew listed at end credits