Darkness Falls Episode 103

Aired on Apr 30, 2000.

"four tragedies"

s y n o p s i s

A serial killer is at work in Chapel Hill, emulating a famous playwright and murdering professors.  Now two investigating agents have to remember what they learned in English class and put an end to the tragedy.

c a s t

Agent "Mac" MacNamara
M. Wilson Burdorff

Agent Maggie Smith
Elesha Renee' Barnette

Julie Marsh
Hunter Fink

Bob Miles
Dan Fisher

Ashley Clark
Beth Mayo

Clarissa Shepard

News Producer
Victor Sgroi

Cameron White
Ben Vanderneck

Ken Vaden

White's Brother
Mike Devlin

Ryan Rubio

Cop #1
Ryan Rubio

Cop #2
Jay Sgroi

Virginia Dozier

John Bolkens
Dave Ferrell
Paul Kim
Cameron Parker

Directed by
Virginia Dozier

Written by
Seagrumn Smith

Produced by
M. Wilson Burdorff

Assistant Producer
Elesha Renee' Barnette

Edited by
M. Wilson Burdorff
Elesha Renee' Barnette

Virginia Dozier
Victor Sgroi

M. Wilson Burdorff

Set Dressing
Hunter Fink

Production Assistance
Paul Kim
Victor Sgroi
Jay Sgroi
Shelley Franklin

Special Thanks
Chapel Ridge Farm
The Artist's Escape
Cathy Brooks
Hunter Fink
Seagrumn Smith
Jay Sgroi

Sponsored by
The Carolina Inn

Filmed on Location in
Apex, NC
Chapel Hill, NC

copyright ©2000 unc student television
story copyright ©2000 seagrumn smith

m u s i c

VAST - "Pretty When You Cry"
Ludwig Von Beethoven - "Waltz in A, op34 #2"
Frederic Chopin - "Prelude in E minor"
Tchaikovsky - "Rachmaninov Lullaby"
Frank Piano Adagio
Tchaikovsky - "Marche Slave Op. 31"
Glinka Piano Mazurca A
Apocalyptica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"

l o c a t i o n s

The Old Well
Chapel Ridge Horse Farm
The Carolina Inn
The Artist's Escape
Highland Hills Apartments
330 Peabody Hall
The Home of Cathy Brooks
The Dean Dome

i n t e r e s t i n g f a c t s

- The entire episode was shot in just slightly more than a week.

- During the filming of the apartment scenes, the crew turned off the refridgerator due to noise and forgot to turn it back on.

- The Dean Dome scene was originally written to have police cars and cops present.

- The final editing for the episode was done in a grueling 26 hour session by producer M. Wilson Burdorff.

- At the end of the session, Burdorff was so tired that he dated the episode April 31, a non-existent date, rather than the actual date, May 1.

- Agent Maggie Scott is mistakenly credited as Agent Maggie Smith due to the characters similarities to the screenwriter, Seagrumn Smith.

- The script contains many more "touchy feely" moments between Mac and Maggie. They were mostly removed during shooting or editing.

- The last scene was originally supposed to take place at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

c o n t i n u i t y e r r o r s

- Outside the barn, the lighting keeps changing. The day of the shoot the sun continually went in and out from from behind the clouds, altering the exposure.

- In the hotel, Maggie's food miraculously changes into a glass of water.

- At the Dean Dome, Bob removes his toothpick, but then it is in his mouth again.

- At the Dean Dome, Mac is not wearing a tie. The only tie that the crew had was for the wrong day, so it was shot without.