Darkness Falls Episode 104

Aired on Aug 15, 2000.

"the grim order"

s y n o p s i s

When Mary decides that she has had enough of the drug dealing business she tries to get out.  Only quitting is harder than she ever could have imagined.

c a s t
(in order of appearance)

Beth Mayo

Nathan Devillers

M. Wilson Burdorff

Ben Vanderneck

Brent Burke

Ryan Rubio

Caleb's Girlfriend
Hunter Fink

Thug #1
Jeff Loftfield

Thug #2
Dylan Thurston

The Council
Victor Sgroi
Jagmeet Mac
Lewin Carter
Joe Presley

Virginia Dozier

Paul Kim

Dave Ferrell

Harry Halpin

Dylan Thurston
Ken Vaden

Kofi Bofu

Mike Devlin

Cristobal Palmer

Elesha Renee' Barnette

Written and Directed by
Ken Vaden
Ben Vanderneck

Produced by
M. Wilson Burdorff
Elesha Renee' Barnette

Edited by
M. Wilson Burdorff
Brent Burke

Elesha Renee' Barnette
M. Wilson Burdorff

Makeup Effects
Ken Vaden

Digital Effects
M. Wilson Burdorff

Stunt Crying
Shelley Franklin

Special Thanks
Sutton's Drug Store

Filmed on Location in
Chapel Hill, NC
Pittsboro, NC

copyright ©2000 unc student television
story copyright ©2000 ken vaden and ben vanderneck

m u s i c

VAST - "Pretty When You Cry"
UNKLE (feat. Thom Yorke) - "Rabbit in Your Headlights"
Elliot Goldenthal - "Armand's Seduction"
Tuatara - "Serengeti"
Needle - "Believer"
Tricky - "Strugglin'"
Sankofa - "Harambe"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Wretched"
Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Mark Has Been Made"
Black Crowes - "She Talks to Angels"

l o c a t i o n s

The Cemetary
The Home of Harry Halpin
The Chi Psi Fraternity House
The Cape Fear River
Sutton's Drug Store

i n t e r e s t i n g f a c t s

- In an earlier draft of the script, Lucas burst into a ball of flame after he ran out the door.

- Lucas's killers were originally supposed to spin their heads around in a faster than possible movement, but the effect looked silly and was cut.

- All of the night scenes were actually shot in the middle of the day and then altered to appear as night in post-production.

- Scenes with Mary in the graveyard at the end and the shot of her running away at the dam were reshot almost three months later.

- During the first take of the reshoot of the running shot at the dam, Beth lost her sandals and it went tumbling down into the Cape Fear River. Producer M. Wilson spent the next 20 minutes fishing it out with a stick.

- The directors conciously tried to do product placement, so beer bottle labels always face the camera, no matter which angle they are at. Because apparently demons love the Canadian taste of Labatt Blue.

- The bleeding notebook in the jail was actually shot months later with the hands of the producers and one of the directors squeezing chocolate syrup and food coloring from a chocolate syrup bottle through straws taped together under the piece of paper.

- The paper in the notebook is actually script pages from "The Grim Order" and "Blue", another episode that was shooting at the time.

- When Caleb's girlfriend begins crying off camera, it is actually the vocal stylings of a stunt crier as the original actress was no longer available.

c o n t i n u i t y e r r o r s

- After Mary shoots Simon, she would have to run right past the bouncer, but apparently this poses no problem for her.

- When Mary runs past Caleb and Marcius at the dam, she loses her gun and her hair grows a streak of blue.

- The trees at the dam mysterious lose and regain foliage.

- The symbol of the Grim Order is missing on Caleb's hands while he is in jail.