Darkness Falls Episode 201

Aired on Feb 27, 2001.


s y n o p s i s

Donald is suffering from writer's block, but is amazed and terrified once he has a breakthrough and the story takes on a life of its own...

c a s t

Charlie Todd

Travis Chamberlain

Girl in Story
Annie Fair

Boy in Story
M. Wilson Burdorff

Ken Keech

Exam Study Group
Matt Newell
Nathan Blumenthal
Wan Park

Prof in First Exam
Nina El-Shiekh

Prof in Second Exam
Tim Niecko

Elizabeth H. Travis
Carrie Weaver
Laura Moore
Marcus Sledge
Sarah McCorison
Josh Vick
Rick Ward
Harper Gordek
Brian Uthlaut
Heather Uthlaut
Jay Slaughter

Written and Directed by
Jim Sutherland

Produced by
Jim Sutherland

Executive Producer
M. Wilson Burdorff

Edited by
Jim Sutherland
M. Wilson Burdorff

Jim Sutherland
M. Wilson Burdorff
Rick Ward

Special Thanks
Carolina Production Guild
UNC Student Television
Jim's Burrito Exchange
(the best burrito exchange in town)

Filmed on Location in
Chapel Hill, NC

copyright ©2001 Darkness Falls/Front Ear Productions
story copyright ©2001 jim sutherland

m u s i c

Original Music by Jim Sutherland