Darkness Falls Episode 202

Aired on Oct 30, 2000.


s y n o p s i s

Jonathan has committed to a programming and hacking project that he couldn't possibly complete and now his employers want the product or his head. Jonathan has no way out...

... until he meets Blue.

c a s t

Dave Ferrell

Clarissa Shepard

M. Wilson Burdorff

Brian Godwin

Written and Directed by
Beth Mayo

Produced by
M. Wilson Burdorff

Assistant Producer
Beth Mayo

Edited by
M. Wilson Burdorff

M. Wilson Burdorff
Beth Mayo

Special Visual Effects
M. Wilson Burdorff

Production Assistance
Ryan Rubio

Special Thanks
Yoshitoshi Abe
Production 2nd
The Artist's Escape
Dr. Shapiro and The Morehead Planetarium
DJ Entertainment
Chikada "J.J." Wasei
Takemoto Akira
Amanda Price

Filmed on Location in
Chapel Hill, NC
Carrboro, NC

copyright ©2000 unc student television
story copyright ©2000 beth mayo

m u s i c

VAST - "Pretty When You Cry"
Wasei J.J. Chikada - "Speed"
Takkyu Ishino - "In Your Memories"
Metallica - "Orion" (Stigma Remix)
Nakaido Chabo Reichi - "Theme of Lain: Reprise"
Tori Amos - "Girl"
Nakaido Chabo Reichi - "13th Floor Elevator"
Akira Takemoto - "Antidepressant .44"
Akira Takemoto - "Prayer"
Yoko Kanno - "Santi-U"

l o c a t i o n s

Morehead Planetarium
The Villages Apartments
The Artist's Escape
DJ Entertainment