Divine Intervention Episode 2

Aired on Mar 06, 2015.

Safwa Fiore as Dulcie
Erik Avellaneda as Lucas
Aaron Knowles Medina as Dionysus
Kourtney Bradshaw as Athena
Nicholas Sanford as Hermes
Kelly Swanson as Artemis
Whitney Serauskas as Hestia
Cameron Manning as Poseidon
Cory Smith as Hades
Bellamy Saville as Aphrodite
Adam Jefferson as Apollo

Written by
Kerri Kearse
Produced and Directed by
Kerri Kearse and Jenina Rivera
Cinematography by
Adam Jefferson
Additional Camerawork by
Rachel Garner
Kerri Kearse
Jenina Rivera
Production Assistants
Jaisah Harrison
Ava Tao
Courtney Jacobs
Alexis Jordan
Music by
Kelsey Jones
Editing by
Jenina Rivera
Jaisah Harrison
Ava Tao
Courtney Jacobs
Kerri Kearse
Carter Fourqurean

Special Thanks to
Mark Robinson
Jesse Moorefield
UNC Comm Department
Aaron Medina
Kayla Kearse

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