Eight Days A Week: Behind the Scenes at STV for UNC

Aired on Jan 01, 1990.

Eight Days A Week: Behind the Scenes at Student Television for UNC-CH
Written, directed, produced, and edited by Susan McCormac
special thanks to: Beth Bache, Chris Brown, Philip Brown, T. Michael Childs, D. Phillip Drake, Tim McMillan, Leigh Powell, Michele White, Tena Williamson, John Wilson
Footage provided by: This Is It, Off the Cuff, Campus Profile, Midday! Tonight, STV Special Projects: SEAC Conference National Paideia Center, General College, Montage from "Old Gray Mare, Part 1," edited by D. Jason Lyon, General College Documentary Produced by Adam Reist.
Thanks bunches to Jim Lamm and Abby Melvin at WKFT-TV 40.
But most of all, thanks to everyone at Student Television, past and present, for giving me a lifetime of experience and friendship.