General College Episode 301

Aired on Oct 29, 2008.

Ava is out of the slammer and up to no good, but there's a new bad girl in town who makes her look like a girl scout. An old flame resurface in Joey's life, and Parker is left out of the loop. Laney and Cooper attempt to mend their broken relationship--leaving Jason completely alone--but Cooper is not the same man he used to be. Jenni dives headfirst into her assignment as investigative reporter for the school newspaper, and things get even more exciting when a hot new student offers to help her out, but he may not be exactly who he says he is. Pierce and Chloe are still recovering from their brush with death, but they decide to team up for a little experiment in biology...or is it chemistry?

Bristel Bowen
Bryan Burton
Cameran Hebb
Ally Hoover
Matt Karkutt
Mack Linyard
Tara Lowe
Brie Nash
Mariana Nepomuceno
Jordan Popalis
Colby Ramsay
John Reitz
Anna Rindos
Walker Sigmon
Lauren Tevelow
Gus Wilde
Kieran Windley 
Shane Zeigler

Bristel Bowen

Stephen Ashley
Bristel Bowen
Jenna Lonergan
Jordan Swaim

Head Writer:
Jordan Swaim

Stephen Ashley
Bristel Bowen
Lindley Dahners
Jenna Lonergan
Drew Millard
Edmund Poliks

Philip Hoover
Liza Ramo
Jeffrey Sullivan
Kristopher Wile

Artistic Director:
Jordan Popalis

Philip Hoover
Patty Kuo
Jenna Lonergan
Chris Moffitt