General College Episode 303

Aired on Feb 23, 2009.

Parker is ready for a change and decides to leave town, but Joey isn't ready to say goodbye and he knows it's now or never if he wants to prove his love. Charley and Shannon discover that Jenni has been kidnapped, so Charley decides the only way to get her back is to put Shannon in the line of fire. Laney is barely recovered from her brush with death when Jason gets the nerve to tell her how he really feels. Dana has conveniently dissappeared, just in time to avoid the lawsuit that fell in Pie...

Bristel Bowen, Bryan Burton, Cameran Hebb, Ally Hoover, Matt Karkutt, Mack Linyard, Tara Lowe, Brie Nash, Mariana Nepomuceno, Jordan Popalis, Colby Ramsay, John Reitz, Anna Rindos, Walker Sigmon, Lauren Tevelow, Cate Walker, Gus Wilde, Shane Zeigler, Stephen Ashley, Jenna Lonergan, Jordan Swaim, Charlie Hicks, Alex Kilkka, Lindley Dahners, Andre Durham, Courtney Johnson, Jenna Whetzel, Ashley Ellis, Neha Patel.