General College Episode 601

Aired on Nov 20, 2011.

"The One You Lay With"

General College is back! In this first episode, we're joined by 12 new characters! In this first episode, the drama starts full force! London has growing suspicions about her boyfriend and his budding relationship with his new friend AJ. Debbie is just as crazy as every as she continues to scare the hell out of all her sorority sisters (although she may have met her match with a new character, Anya)! Liz, a sophomore transfer, runs into an interesting group of people. Finally, a scarred Brody makes a new friend.

Produced by: Fola Goke-Pariola

Starring: Alexa Lytle, Jordan Graham, T.J. McCrorery, Claire Karwowski, Debbie Vu, Amy Hazlehurst, Marietta Braye, Sean Renegar, Bryan Burton, Ben Peltzer, Jordan Graves, Omar Morales, Beatrice Strobl, Tori Male, Lauren Riley, Kemahl Franklyn

Assistant Producer: Sam Lipinski

Written by: Fola Goke-Pariola, Sam Lapinski, Debbie Vu, Kristen Chavez, McKenna Franchik, Tori Male, Chelsea Ray, Lauren Riley, Stephanie Haynes, Sarah Wheton

Crew: Wesley Shang, Megan Salvia, Cheslea Ray, Bethany Lee, Dylan Davis, Nicole Meyer