Half Hour Comedy Show Episode 1

Aired on Oct 17, 1984.

First of two comedy shows written, produced, directed and starring John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky and David Palmer.

Credits: Tracy Baker, Robert Capwell, Kathleen Moran, Maggie Tomei, Rose Cuneen, Laura Leuy, Nancy Maass, Janice Pliner, Jennifer Coffin, Laura Davis, Rod Brown, Joe Tomei, John Reed, Stephanie Burrows, Anne Finley, Margaret McKinnon, Jennifer Glick, Amy Dingeldein, Eileen Flynn, Erry Koutavis, Walt Boyle, Tim Sullivan, Dorne Pentes, John Wilson, Amy Doyle, David Leventhal, Irv Bennet, Bill Wilson, Sara Jackson, Linda Montanari, Tom Campion, Stephanie Burrow, Chad McArver.

Debuted on STV on Wednesday, October 17, 1984 at 10pm. Also includes, at the 33:30 mark, the "Making of The Half Hour Comedy Show" documentary with interview hosted by Peyton Reed.