Half Hour Comedy Show Episode 2

Aired on Apr 10, 1985.

Second of two comedy shows written, produced, directed and starring John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky and David Palmer. 

Also starring Tracy Baker, Eileen Flynn, Ken Wilson, Derrick Jackson, Clay Davidson, Steve Sullivan, Gordon Hill, Wendy Walsh, Amy Dingeldein, Linda Montanari, Sue Farmer, Joel Ferguson, Megan Casey, Neil Lee, Jeffrey Casal, Peyton Reed, Teresa Schlegda, Hugh Schull, Kelly Boozer, Ellen Newberry, Chad McCarver, Bill Wilson.

Debuted on Wednesday, April 10, 1985 at 10:30pm. Highlight is the "Friday the 13th, the Stage Musical".   Also included, at the 28:15 mark, are highlights from the first (and possibly last) Mr. UNC Contest, held in the Great Hall of the Student Union in November of 1984.