Music Seen Episode 4

Aired on Mar 01, 2003.

Local music; music videos; Ten Missing Days; Cesar Comanche; Radio 4; Mad Capsule Markets; The Slackers; Eyes to Space

Producer - Allyson Shaffer; Assistant Producers - Craig Boyer, Danyele McPherson; Music: "Fracture" - Ten Missing Days; "Lamb To Lion" - Cesar Comanche; "Save Your City" - Radio 4; "Pulse" - Mad Capsule Markets; "No More Crying" - The Slackers; "Flying School" - Eyes to Space; Camera Operators - Allyson Shaffer, Ian Cann, Craig Boyer, Sarah Huxhold, Cameron Parker, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Matt March, Allyson Shaffer; Editing - Allyson Shaffer, Ian Can, Craig Boyer, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Sarah Huxhold