Music Seen Episode 5

Aired on Oct 01, 2003.

Local music; music videos; Atom and His Package; Can Joann; Go-Machine

Producer - Sarah Huxhold; Assistant Producer - Matt Marsh; Music: "Hats Off to Halford" - Atom and His Package; "Ghost in the Machine" - Go-Machine; "Married to the Habit" - Can Joann; "Upside Down From Here" - Atom and His Package; "Lady Luck" - Can Joann; "Driving" - Go-Machine; "Punk Rock Academy" - Atom and His Package; Camera Operators - Allyson Shaffer, Sarah Huxhold, Jessica Tardieu, Matt March, Craig Boyer, Brian Ferguson, Sarah Huxhold, Allyson Shaffer; Editing - Allyson Shaffer, Craig Boyer, Brian Ferguson, Matt March, Sarah Huxhold, Jessica Tardieu