Off The Cuff Episode 38

Aired on Nov 14, 1988.

Off the Cuff #38 – No Virginia There Is No Galen Black Starring: Andy Bagwell, Philip Brown, David Drake, Rich Ellis, Sean Harklerode, Todd Warner, T. Mike Childs, Camera: Galen Black. STV :State Television Written by and Starrin: Kelly Furr, Philip Brown, Todd Warner, Rich Ellis, Andy Bagwell, Galen Black Camera: T. Mike Childs. Elvis Works at Hector’s Original Concept by: Rodney Honeycutt Starring: Paul Weister and Rich Ellis. Camera: T.Mike Childs. Dud Light Written by: Andy Bagwell Starring: Timothy Kirkpatrick, Lavonne Leinster, T. Mike Childs, Andy Bagwell, David Drake. Gilligan’s Traffic Island Original Concept by T. Mike Childs Camera: Galen Black Theme Written and Performed by: Philip Brown. Written by and Starring: Andy Bagwell, David Drake, Rich Ellis, Tracy Newbold, Kate Reed, Philip Brown, Todd Warner, Edited by Rich Ellis and Philip Brown. Asking the Girl Out: Written By Galen Black Starring: Todd Warner, Philip Brown, Donna O’Quinn