Off The Cuff Episode 52

Aired on Apr 24, 1989.

"'The Seven Magnificent Samurai'
Buddy Holy, Upton Sinclair, Salmon Rushdie, A.C. Nielsen, Ferdinand Magellan, Dustin Hoffman
and Brian Miller as the Kydd"

Produced by
Galen Black

Assistant Producers
Kate Reed
Philip Brown
Rich Ellis
Tracy Newbold
Rob Terrell

Rob Terrell

Andy Bagwell
Neal Blevins
Chris Boucari
Chris Brown
Philip Brown
T. Mike Childs
David Drake
Scott Edlein
Rich Ellis
Kelly Furr
Shannon Goldsmith
Susan Goodnight
Nathan Gray
Sean Harklerode
Rodney Honeycutt
Sarah Kaiser
Mike Karmonocky
Lavonne Leinster
Steve Marca
Dr. Tim J. McMillan
Charles McWhorter
Pam Melton
Charles Mills
Eugene Naughton
Renee Neill
Tracy Newbold
James Parrish
Melanie Pennel
Elizabeth Raynor
Karte Reed
Todd Scott
Rob Terrell
Todd Warner
Julie Woodcock
Kelly Caldwell
Van Blackwood
Amy Kingman
Tammy Newton
Margie Noel
Kim Overcash
Lance Plyler
Jeff Price
Angela Sigmon
Chuck Somers