Off The Cuff Episode 69

Aired on Oct 08, 1990.

Off the Cuff #69 – Anything for Education – Couch Potato Call Starring: John Mims, Chad Campbell, Jeff Price Written by: Craig Shipman. Talkin’ ‘bout Chicks Written by Sean Harklerode Starring: Bryan Tucker, Sean Harklerode, Debbie Stengel. OTC Correspondence Courses Written by :Scott Brown Starring: Scott Brown, Bryan Tucker, Sarah Ruccio, David Drake, Sean Harklerode, Eric Gunzenhauser, Martin Murphy. Late Night with Bryan Tucker Written by and Starring Bryan Tucker. Camera: Rich Ellis, Russ Corey, Scott Gee. C-TOPPS Written by :Russ Corey Starring: Wade Newhouse, Chip Rose, Sarah Ruccio. Anything for Education Written by and Starring: Andy Bagwell, Bryan Tucker, Russ Corey, Sean Harklerode, David Drake, Scott Brown. Show produced by: Russ Corey