Poor Standing Episode 3

Aired on Mar 03, 2010.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Spring 2010): "Swiped"

A stolen skirt puts Amelia and Jack in a bind, while Timmel attempts to subvert CCI laptop insurance policies. Archie suffers nightmares about Lenoir, and goes on the Med Deli meal plan to compensate.

Starring - Cole Hammack, Isaak Krautwurst, Ramey Mize, Zac Moon; Co-Staring - Abe Johns, Amelia Sciandra, Alex Whittington; Creator - Andrew Harrell; Producers - Matt Harris, Patrick Nichols, Jillian Vogel; Production Crew - Madison Bullard, Andrew Harrell, Matt Harris, Brady Lawrence, Patrick Nichols, Max Shepherd, Jillian Vogel; Director of Photography - Max Shepherd; Writer - Jillian Vogel; Director - Patrick Nichols