Poor Standing Episode 4

Aired on Mar 30, 2011.

Season 2, Episode 1 (Spring 2011):
The Economics of Cheating:

Jack copies Amelia's paper during an exam while Archie makes the trek to Campus Health. Timmel tires of the same old friends and searches for new ones.

Starring - Cole Hammack, Isaak Krautwurst, Ramey Mize, Zac Moon; Co-Staring - Gwen Barlow, Leah Elliott, Erin Hanehan, Brady Lawrence, Danny Nowell, Kevin Rothenberg; Creator - Andrew Harrell; Producers - Patrick Nichols, Jillian Vogel; Production Crew - Madison Bullard, Will Cooper, Andrew Harrell, Charlie Harris, Matt Harris, Brady Lawrence, Patrick Nichols, Max Shepherd; Director of Photography - Will Cooper; Executive Producer - Matt Harris; Writer - Jillian Vogel; Director - Patrick Nichols