STV Retrospectives: 30th-Anniversary Tribute: How STV Saved Our Lives (1984-86)

Aired on Nov 08, 2013.

This 20-minute video looks back at the early days of STV and how it saved a bunch of students who were going nowhere with the RTVMP (Radio-TV-Motion Picture) Department. Featuring new interviews with John Altschuler, Cullen Browder, David Burris, Norwood Cheek, Grady Cooper, Joe Farmer, Dave Krinsky, Doug McCallie, David Palmer, Peyton Reed, David Reynolds, and John Schultz …and lots of comedy clips. Truly, this presentation is the ultimate in alumni-based self-aggrandizing infotainment.

ARCHIVAL CLIP APPEARANCES by all the names above AS WELL AS: Bryan Ellenburg, Jill Ortman, Tracy Baker, Rob Capwell, Maggie Tomei, Kathleen Moran, Rod Brown, Joe Tomei, Ken Wilson, Eileen Flynn, Sara Jackson, Clay Davidson, Sue Farmer, Neill Lee, Wendy Walsh, Joel Ferguson, Darrell Payne, Charles Ritter, Michael Scotchie, Dan Scotchie, Meredith Marvel, Mark Kaufmann, Demetre Gionis, Scott Smith, John Ensslin, Fred Hunter, Charlies Mitchell, Shawn Moore, Jane Kollmansperger, Caroline Long, Charlie Schultz

ARCHIVAL STILL APPEARANCES by John Wilson, Tim Sullivan, David Leventhal, and Walt Boyle