This is It! Episode 14

Aired on Mar 20, 1985.

St. Patrick's Day Special; Bryan Murray as Host; Lucky Charms Animation; Yippie Yuppie Debate; "Staying Alive" Commercial; Clef Hangers Promo; Irish Fling Commercial; Mike Cross; Art Now Promo; Bags in Trees; Akland Alive!; Life's A Bitch and then you die; Lucky Charms and the Ground Newt; All You Need Is Love!; Irish Parting Shots; Credits

Jennifer Glick, Shaun Wallace, Glenn Gillen, Anne Hickman, Lisa McQuay, Kevin Dixon, Donna Harrison, Randi Thompson, Brian Ellenburg, Dorne Pentes, Felicia Barlowe, Lauren Johnson, Kelly Clark, Martin Clark, Jamy Myatt, Greg Hohn, Amy Schutz, Sam Dennis, Ashley Dimmette, Bryan Murray, Amy Doyle, John McQuiston.