Video Yearbook 1986

Aired on May 15, 1986.

Carolina IMAGES Video Yearbook
Executive Producer: Amy Doyle
Production Advisor: Bob Levitan
Production Crew: Felicia Barlowe, Kelley Buser, Pat Calloway, Brent Cloninger, James Ferguson, Peggy Fuller, Robin Kaminsky, Jackie Leach, Amy Long, Sandee Swearingen, Leann Wilson
Photographers: Martin Clark, Ed Galaviz, Scott Gest, Mike Isenhour, Derrick Ivey, Balram Kakkar, David Leventhal, John McQuiston, Jim McSorley, Jill Ortman
Editors: Amy Doyle, Scott Gest, Derrick Ivey
Production Assistants: Donna Harrison, John Mitterling, Andrea Schifano, Devi Sen
Special Thanks To: Alpha Video, Inc.; Rodney Bean; Bob Normandin; UNC-RTVMP Department; Carolina Union; Spanky's; Campus Profile Staff; This Is It Staff.
Carolina IMAGES Video Yearbook is a Student Television Production
All rights reserved (c) 1986
UNCREDITED: Billy Warden, Dale McKinley
(End of Video Yearbook Followed by random short pieces: UNC rowing team at University Lake, Homecoming game 1985, Karate Demonstration in the Pit where a guy's leg is accidentally set on fire!, a cappella group, UNC water polo team)