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Chop It Like It's Hot

This is a cooking show like no other! “Chop It Like It’s Hot” stars Chase Copeland, a middle school chef who has amazing recipes for every occasion. Follow our journey as we create fun, humorous, and delicious memories in the kitchen!

Markie McRae
Markie McRae.JPG

Markie McRae (He/Him) Markie is a Junior double majoring in Media and Journalism and Communication Studies. He loves to have fun with friends and is very energetic! Markie is a member of the cheer team and loves to support the UNC basketball and football teams. Outside of cheer and school, you can find Markie whipping up food in the kitchen or outside enjoying nature.

Assistant Producer(s)
Jack Brownlee
Jack Brownlee.jpg

Jack Brownlee (He/Him) Jack Brownlee is the assistant producer for STV’s new show “Chop It Like It’s Hot”. Within the UNC student film and television community, he’s done just about everything from running the slate to sitting in the director’s chair. Aside from making videos, he likes to read, mountain bike, and play tennis!

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