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Ella Doran (
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Ella (She/Her) is a Senior Communications Major with minors in Writing for the Screen and Stage and Hispanic Studies. She is originally from Asheville, NC and is very excited to be Student TV’s Station Manager this Fall. She has worked on many STV shows in the past, and she is committed to making sure STV is a place for students of all experience levels to make great shows and new friends. In addition to her involvement with STV, Ella has also worked on student films at UNC and plans to work in the Film & TV industry after graduation. Her main hobbies involve watching crime procedurals, worrying that she has appendicitis, and accidentally knocking over glasses of water in restaurants. 

Assistant Producer(s):
Will Lowder (

I am a sophomore studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I am a middle child, so all of my bright but possibly underwhelming character traits stem back to that.

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