General College

General College has always been about telling the stories of fictional college students. This semester we're putting our own stories out into the world. Each episode we’ll discuss and tell stories about college life with UNC students. With 2020 being so turbulent, our podcast will serve as a time capsule for many life-altering events. Join us to talk and laugh about the ups and downs of college life! Generally… It’s about college.

Jamie Collier

Jamie Collier (She/Her) Jamie is one of the Co-Producers for General College 2020. She is a Junior from Charlotte, NC, majoring in Advertising and Media Production. She has been making content from a very young age, whether it be legos or teddy bears. Before joining STV she was producing vlogs and ranting about movies. Her favorite pastimes are gaming, singing, and laughing with her friends.

Samantha Hines
Samantha Hines.JPG

Samantha Hines (She/Her) is a co-producer for General College this semester. She is a sophomore Communications Studies student who has a minor in creative writing and will also be part of the Writing for the Screen and Stage minor next year. She’s excited to continue working with all the wonderful people at STV this semester!