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Look Who's Talking

Student comics let loose for one night only - good thing we record it! Look Who’s Talking is a showcase of UNC student’s self-written and self-performed stand up comedy acts. These sets will be performed live for a small, COVID safe audience, but the whole show will be taped and edited, with each comic’s set being released as an episode of the show. Look out for lots of laughs, giggles, chuckles, chortles, and all sorts of other synonyms with Look Who’s Talking!

Joseph Hattan
joseph hattan.jpg

Joseph Hattan (he/him) is a junior majoring in Dramatic Art with minors in Global Cinema in Writing for the Screen and Stage. He’s from Nashville, TN, but hates like 89% of all country music (old Taylor Swift being a notable exception). He has acted on STV’s Cardinal Vice in the past, but is excited to get in the producer’s shoes this time around. Outside of STV, Joseph is involved with False Profits Comedy and can be found watching anything other than the movies he’s been assigned to watch.

Assistant Producer
Jack Freese
jack freese.jpg

Jack Freese (he/him) is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy. He’s from Orange County, CA, and is a lover of all things stand up. This is his first time working with STV, but he played the starring role in his sixth grade production of Let’s Rock, and has directed and acted in several Spanish video projects in high school. In his free time, he can be found watching (and rewatching) most of the standup comedy currently on Netflix.

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