The Sound

Told entirely through digital forms (screen recordings of Zoom calls/FaceTimes, audio clips of phone calls, etc.), The Sound follows a group of friends as they put together a slice-of-life podcast and gain a surprise following for their unique brand of humor and storytelling.

Maris Ava Cruz

Maris Ava Cruz (she/they) is a sophomore majoring in journalism and communications, with a minor in studio art. A hardcore Piscean, she loves photography and music, and currently works for both the Daily Tar Heel and WXYC (on an unpaid basis, alas).

Assistant Producer(s)
Maggie Mayone

Maggie Mayone (she/her) is a senior majoring in journalism and communications with a concentration in media production. Despite being a senior, this is her first year working with STV and she is beyond excited! Some of her pastimes include horseback riding, binge-watching TV shows, making tea, and reading about conspiracies.