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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

Using archive footage and voiceover, we’ll be cutting together old home videos of students on the show and adding in the thought process of our younger selves. Think: BBC Animal Voiceovers meets Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s all the things you wish you’d been able to say for yourself when you were younger, plus all the criticism, encouragement, and generally making fun you know you deserved. There will also be an interview segment in which we give our younger selves real advice, especially considering the unexpected ways our world has changed during our lifetimes. The idea is to imbue some college humor into the early days of the 2000s and hopefully bring out moments for actual tenderness and self-reflection too. (All while also ~very cleverly~ keeping us remote from each other!)

Ellie Baker
ellie baker.JPG

Ellie Baker (she/her) is a senior this year majoring in English and Communications, with a minor in Writing for the Screen and Stage. She hopes to move to LA at the end of the year to pursue screenwriting as a career. In the meantime, she likes thrift shopping, watching cartoons, playing Jackbox, and gettin’ caught in the rain.

Assistant Producer(s)
Melissa Tomczak

Melissa Tomczak (she/her) is a senior majoring in Film Studies and Advertising/Public Relations, with a minor in Art History. She has no idea what she’s doing after she graduates; All she knows is you should watch The Irishman (2019) dir. Martin Scorsese on Netflix now.

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