General College


Show Description:  Drama with comedic elements

This season of STV's long-running series takes a more dramatic turn as it follows four students, each dealing with a variety of their own problems, as they search for common ground with one another to keep their scholarships.

Producers: Hayley Sigmon, Molly Kusilka, and Francis Lai 


 New season, new trailer!

Season 2

Please see this video for a more complete explanation of what happened to the footage and a recap of what happens in Season 2 of General College.

Due to technological errors and Mercury's constant state of being in retrograde during the 2015 production of General College's second season, the first three episodes of General College Season 2 are unavailable in episode form, but are available in script form below and summaries are available in the video above. Enjoy!

Season 2: Episode 1

Season 2: Episode 2

Season 2: Episode 3


General College Ep. 4

General College Ep. 3 "Roots"

General College Fall 2017 Trailer

General College Episode 3

General College Episode 2

General College Episode 1

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