On the Hill

College-level humor meets “Weekend Update'' in On the Hill, STV’s satirical news desk show that brings you all the stories you really want to hear. Our (of course) objectively funny news program usually features two anchors riffing and reporting on any and all current events, from politics to the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. We often feature desk guests, on-the-street segments, interviews, and more!

Nicole Moorfield

Nicole Moorefield (she/her) is a sophomore studying Media and Journalism with a Writing for the Screen and Stage minor. She is from Raleigh, NC, but is currently living/isolating in Holden Beach, NC. This is Nicole’s second year with On the Hill. She is also involved in Coulture and A Moment of Magic at UNC. Ask her about MBTI, New Girl, the Oxford Comma, Folklore, or Clueless if you want to get her talking; mention Star Wars, math, country music, Finding Nemo, or Ratatouille if you want her to shut up.

Assistant Producer(s)
Emily Kramer
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Emily Kramer (she/her) is a senior studying communications and music with a minor in Ad/PR. She’s originally from South Florida but now lives in Durham, NC. This is Emily’s second year with OTH and she’s also involved in Chapel Thrill Escapes on campus. In her free time, Emily can often be found binge-watching shows she’s already seen before (recurring favorites include The West Wing, Parks and Rec, HIMYM, and more).