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The 492

The 492 is a ridiculous sitcom that explores the ins and outs of the friendship between Mads, Liz, and Mack. It follows the relationships the girls make and the antics they get into while navigating living on their own in college. The show focuses on how different personalities of the girls can butt heads, but they always find their way back to their solid friendship.


 Zoë Lord (she/her) is a junior studying Political Science and Public Policy. She is from Bakersville, NC which is a small town outside of Asheville. Zoë got involved with STV through Ava and became a producer for the STV show The 492 which she also acts and edits for. She is also involved with theatre on campus, she works with UNC Pauper Players and has worked with KTC before as well!

Assistant Producer(s)
Josh Bryant
Josh Bryant.jpg

Josh Bryant (he/him) is a junior Biology major originally from Raleigh, NC. Josh has been working behind the camera (and mic) for the 492 since its second episode. He is also occasionally involved in some of UNC’s theater groups as a builder and designer. In his free time he can be found baking, cooking, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, or talking to his friends on Zoom instead of studying.

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