The 492

The 492 is about navigating the dating world alongside some of your best friends. Mack, Liz and Mads get into antics together but all in all getting through it together makes it even more fun

Ava Pukatch (

Ava Pukatch is a first-year majoring in Economics and Political Science. She is currently producing the show The 492. She is involved with The Pauper Players, LAB! and is a producing director of the Kenan Theatre Company. She loves making friends and can usually be found within the halls of the CDA, Late Night at Rams, or the Union. 

Assistant Producer(s):
Zoe Lord (

Zoë is a first year studying Political Science and Public Policy. She is currently producing The 492 and is also involved with both Pauper Players and Playmakers Repertory Company. Her hobbies include eating Jimmy Johns and never doing the readings for her classes.